The Porto Alegre Screenwriting Festival – FRAPA is the first Latin American screenwriting festival focused in film and television. Since its first year, the festival has become a powerful space to think and debate screenwriting in Latin America, bringing hundreds of professionals from all over the continent to the South Brazilian capital of Porto Alegre and contributing for the exchange of experiences, the qualification of professionals and the celebration of new partnerships in Brazilian TV and film production.

Inspired by similar festivals around Europe and the United States, FRAPA offers talks, competitions, workshops, film screenings, master classes and business rounds. The festival is a window for the evergrowing Brazilian screenwriting industry, which has been gaining space within the country and abroad.

Every film, TV series, soap opera and show stems from its script, which holds the main source of power for its production. Without a good script, it is hard for a story to find the screens. Without a good script, it is hard for a project to grab its audience. Behind every script is the work of one or more professionals who committed themselves exclusively to create stories. These professionals meet at FRAPA to discuss their ideas and work with other writers and industry professionals, in order to drive forward one of the most profitable industries of the country – the audiovisual industry.

At FRAPA, we are driven by prompting screenwriters to tell the most amazing stories they can think of. Join us at the 6th FRAPA, to be held in July 17-20, 2018, at Cinemateca Capitólio, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

FRAPA. Great stories to come.



Festival Director

  • Leo Garcia


  • Mariana Müller

Associate Producers

  • Pedro Guindani
  • Leonardo Peixoto


  • Alessandro Engroff
  • Boca Migotto
  • Camila Agustini
  • Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro
  • Eleonora Loner
  • Lucas Cassales
  • Tomás Fleck


  • Leo Lage


  • Amanda Gatti
  • Ana Carolina Azevedo
  • Natasha Ferla
  • Patrick Arozi

Techinical Supervisor

  • Rodrigo Schuster


  • Aioria Software House