The Screenwriting Competition will award one unproduced script for fiction for each of its two categories: Feature Screenplay and TV Pilot. The ten finalists will present their projects during an Open Pitching session to be held at FRAPA.

Submit your script by APRIL 24.

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  • The winners of the TV Pilot and Screenwriting Contest will each receive a prize amounting to R$ 1000.00 (one thousand BRL) + one US$ 250.00 Final Draft 10 license +  One Year ISA CONNECT membership + a Script Doctoring by Maquinário Narrativo;
  • The winners of the TV Pilot and Screenwriting Pitching Sessions will each receive a prize amounting to R$ 500.00 (five hundred BRL) + one US$ 250.00 Final Draft 10 license + One Year ISA CONNECT membership.
  • The winner of the Screenwriting Contest will be selected for PLOT – Professional Script Lab 2018, and will receive a fee waiver in the estimated average cost of US$ 850.00.
  • All finalists who wish to have their scripts translated into English, Spanish or French shalll receive a 50% discount in translation services, by the translator André Duarte.

Submit your screenplay! Deadline: APRIL 24.


1) The FRAPA Feature Screenplay Competition aims to promote, validate and accredit feature and TV pilot screenplays, helping projects find producers and contributing to their development so they make way to the screens.

2) The FRAPA Feature Screenplay Competition will award:

A.    2 (two) projects, winners of the Feature Screenplay contest (one in each category);

B.   2 (two) projects, winners of the Pitching session (one in each category).

3) To submit your work, fill the form available at FRAPA’s website and send us your script as specified in item 5 of this list.

4) The Competition is open to International applicants. Screenplays must be submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish to be accepted.

5) Feature screenplays submitted for appraisal must be 120 pages max., and TV pilot screenplays must be 60 pages max. (30 or 60 minutes). All screenplays must be written in Master Scenes Script professional format and sent in a PDF file.

6) Only fiction (live action or animation) feature screenplays will be accepted.

7) The submitting screenwriter must have the authorization of all co-authors (if any), and of the rightful owner(s) of the original work, if the work submitted is an adapted screenplay, and must bear all the responsibility regards their acknowledgement of the submission of the work to this competition.

8) The deadline for submissions to the competition is April 24, 2018, 23h59 BRT.

9) The “All Access Frapa” (FRAPA COMPLETO) accreditation gives its holder the right to a free submission of 01 (one) feature screenplay OR 01 (one) TV pilot screenplay.

10) Each individual submission to the Screenplay contest costs R$ 75,00 (seventy five BRL). If you hold an All Access FRAPA accreditation and you wish to submit more than one work, you may submit work individually. There is no maximum number of submissions per author.

11) In the best interest of the screenwriter, we recommend that the work is registered in the National Library of Brazil (FBN), Writers Guild of America (WGA) or in the dedicated institute of the country of the author(s).

12) All authors who have rightfully submitted screenplays to any of FRAPA’s Screenplay Contest categories shall receive a brief assessment of their screenplays by the curators of the contest, via email, after the list of finalists has been released.

13) The organizing committee for FRAPA 2016 shall name and select the curatorship for this Contest, which shall be comprised of a minimum of 5 (five) professional screenwriters.

14) The FRAPA website shall release the names of the 20 screenplays in the list of semifinalists for each category; afterwards, it will release the list of the 10 finalists who will have made it into the Pitching sessions. The date for the first release is set to be June 10, 2018.

15) The names for the curatorship shall be announced publicly around the same time of the date aforementioned (in item 14).

16) The curatorship and the contest’s jury shall be exclusively responsible for choosing the 2 (two) winning screenplays for the Contest, as well as the 40 (forty) semifinalist screenplays and the 20 (twenty) finalist screenplays to be pitched in the Pitching sessions.

17) Each of the 20 (twenty) finalist screenplays – 10 (ten) for each category – shall pitch their screenplays in the Pitching sessions during the convention. The date for the sessions shall be released in the programme.

18) Each screenwriter shall have 7 (seven) minutes to pitch their work as they please. Afterwards, the panel shall have 13 (thirteen) minutes to pose questions.

19) Presentations at the Pitching sessions must be done by the authors themselves. Additional persons (co-authors, directors, producers, actors and so on) may only participate in the pitching if together with the submitting screenwriter and upon authorization by the FRAPA organizers.

20) Should the author wish to send additional material for their presentation at the Pitching sessions, they must do so via e-mail or any other file sharing system 5 (five) days prior to the day of the pitching. Files in any format sent after that deadline shall not be accepted.

21) Selected participants for the Pitching sessions must confirm their attendance 5 (five) days prior to the date scheduled for the pitching. If they fail to do so, they may be disqualified from the activity. However, this does not incur in the disqualification from the Screenplay contest itself.

22) The winning screenplays at the Pitching sessions shall be chosen by the members of the pitching panel, who shall be named and selected by the FRAPA organization committee. Their decision is final and irrevocable.

23) The submitters of the winning screenplays shall be awarded the following:

a) 1st place – Feature Screenplay: R$ 1.000,00 prize

b) 1st place – TV Pilot: R$ 1.000,00 prize

c) Best Pitching – Feature Screenplay: R$ 500,00 prize

d) Best Pitching – TV Pilot: R$ 500,00 prize

e) Additional awards shall be announced on FRAPA’s website.

24) FRAPA’s organizing committee holds the right to select and award or not any screenplays in any categories, being entitled to any prerogatives pertaining to the selection process, including abstaining from selecting or giving prizes to the amount of screenplays aforementioned in item 2 for any activities or awards.

25) FRAPA’s organization commitee also holds the rights to extend the deadline for submissions as it sees fit. The information for such shall be announced in FRAPA’s communication channels in a minimum period of 5 (five) days prior to the deadline mentioned in item 8.

26) FRAPA shall not be deemed responsible for any costs regarding the participation of screenplays or screenwriters in this contest.

27) Incomplete submissions or pending payments shall deem the submission disqualified and therefore the relating screenplays shall not be appraised by the curatorship.

28) FRAPA shall not be deemed responsible for the consequences of any false information that should be presented by the participants in this contest. FRAPA holds the rights to disqualify the responsible parts of any infractions of this Rules and Regulations at any moment.

29) Upon submitting a screenplay, the submitter agrees and endorses the terms of this Rules and Regulations, stating that all informations submitted to FRAPA’s organizing commitee in this submission are true.

30) Any questions deriving from this Rules and Regulations shall be sent to